A woman thinking to get a personal loan.

Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting a Personal Loan

Can a personal loan be the answer to your money issues? They have become increasingly popular with U.S. borrowers, who often take them to consolidate debts, fund trips, or even facilitate home improvement projects. However, you need to ask yourself the following questions before deciding to apply for a personal loan: 



What’s the Repayment Period?

Knowing how long you will service the loan is crucial because it helps you understand your options and plan for installments in advance. Some personal loans have shorter repayment periods, and you may not afford to pay back the total amount within the required time. 

Other lenders allow their clients to pay within an extended period, maybe several years, which sounds good at face value. However, the catch is that you will end up paying higher interest fees for long-term loans than you would for short-term loans. 

What’s the Interest Rate?

Interest is the extra amount you pay on top of the principal amount as a profit to the lender. Interest rates vary widely depending on various factors, such as the type of loan, length of the loan, and the repayment time. 

Before committing yourself on paper, you should ask the lender what percentage goes to the interest to determine if the loan is suitable for you. You should also check the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which is the yearly cost of borrowing expressed as a percentage. This will give you a better idea of the interest rates and other fees attached to your loan. 

Will the Personal Loan Negatively Impact My Credit?

A personal loan will lower your credit score for a time but making on-time payments may help restore it and improve it. It’s all about repaying the debt on time. When calculating an individual loan term, a personal loan calculator can be very beneficial. As a rule of thumb, only apply for a personal loan, when necessary, know the exact amount suitable for your needs, and ensure you can afford the payment. 

Can I Afford the Monthly Payments?

Some people choose a package with high monthly repayments to clear the loan in the shortest time possible. Others prefer to stretch the repayment over several months or even years by repaying in small amounts that won’t affect their liquidity.  However, the latter will eventually pay higher amounts due to the interest accrued. 

Bottom Line 

Doing your homework before applying for a loan can help you find the type of loan that best fits your needs while still ensuring your budget can afford the repayment terms.  A short-term loan can be an expensive form of borrowing but understanding the terms of a loan agreement will help you understand if this option is right for you. 

Before applying for one, you need to ask yourself the above questions to avoid ending up in a financial dip and explore all your options.  The personnel at MyFundingChoices.com can answer questions and concerns you may have regarding the terms of the loan agreement before signing the loan agreement and putting you in more financial trouble than when you started the process.